Artist Statement

    As a ceramic artist, I am deeply immersed in the exploration and expression of my family history, intertwining it with the rich tapestry of my country's heritages. Through my work, I delve into the stories and narratives that have shaped my identity, forging a profound connection between the personal and the collective.

 My artistic journey is a testament to the power of heritage, as I meticulously delve into the annals of my family's past and present. Each fragment, each memory, becomes a source of inspiration that finds its voice in my mediums of creation. I seek to capture the essence of my ancestors, their struggles, triumphs, and enduring spirit, and breathe life into their narratives through my creations.

     The tangible nature of ceramics allows me to immerse myself in the tactile and transformative qualities of the material. I mold, sculpt, and shape clay with reverence, allowing the intimate connection between my hands and the medium to evoke the emotions and experiences embedded in the stories I uncover. The process becomes a form of alchemy, as I give voice to the silent whispers of history, transmuting them into tangible, enduring artifacts